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1.0a22007-06-29Second alpha release
1.0a12007-06-25First alpha release

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Release 1.0a2 - 2007-06-29

Added left() right() top() bottom() center()Andres Almiray
Added 'install' property to searchableBar()Andres Almiray
Added 'selectAll' property to all JTextComponentsAndres Almiray
Added automatic textComponent relationship to calculator() with 'textComponent' attributeAndres Almiray
textComponentSearchable() will create a JTextField if no 'textComponent' property is specifiedAndres Almiray
Added autoCompletion()Andres Almiray
Added svgIcon()Andres Almiray

Release 1.0a1 - 2007-06-25

Default StandardDialog implementationAndres Almiray
Wrappers for *Searchable widgetsAndres Almiray